A more stable and grown up Facebook

So I just watched the F8 keynote. F8 is Facebook’s yearly (from this year on) developer conference where they in the past launched the “like” button that we use daily, and the timeline we all know and love. To be honest, we expected huge things. We were ready. Live blogs, attendees in the conference hall […]

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Facebook updates the right-hand column ad design

Facebook announced that they are going to redesign how the ads in the right column appears. The new design will streamline how the ads look on Facebook. The ads will look the same if it’s in the newsfeed or if it’s in the right-hand column.

We think it’s a nice move, and Facebook reports that the […]

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Facebook finally punish pages that beg for likes, shares and comments

Newsfeed is about delivering the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important and relevant to them. For years marketers have been spamming our newsfeed with texts like “share and like this post!”. No more.

Facebook announced last night that they are updating their algorithm […]

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Charles Ubaghs from Global Radio on why their reach is up (while the rest of us are down)

We are attending the SMWF – Social Media World Forum in London and have had the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people. Find all our interviews here.

We had a little chat about with Charles Ubaghs, Head of social media at Global Radio about how they work with social media, and why their […]

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Facebook is changing the way your Pages look

Facebook is an “always changing” platform. It has to be, to stay relevant and maintain growth, usage and to keep innovating. Last week Facebook announced a redesign of the news feed, and this week they just announced a redesign of business Pages.


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Facebook updated the types of posts people are likely to see

For Facebook it’s crucial that you find your News Feed interesting, and display your post in the best way possible. Because of this, Facebook is constantly tweaking their News feed Algorithm. […]

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5 ways Facebook statistics can save you time

We all want to save time. And most marketers use Facebook. But do you know  Facebook statistics can save you time? Here are 5 ways Facebook statistics can be used for all. […]

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Facebook PMD Summit

Two weeks ago, we – Erik and Alex – were in San Francisco and Menlo Park for the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Summit.

 Halloween at #1 Hacker Way – The Facebook CampusThe event gathered over 280 PMD attendees and focused on the Facebook Roadmap and how we can deliver even greater results for our clients.

The […]

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