F8 – Facebook Utvikler Konferanse 2019

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30.april til 1. mai ble Facebooks tiende F8 konferanse holdt i California. Foredrag, mulighet for nettverksbygging og demoer av det nyeste innen AI, AR / VR, og utviklerprogrammer var noe av det deltakerne fikk oppleve. Vi har laget en oppsummering av noe av det som ble nevnt.

Først av alt kan […]

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Instagram changes – what it means for developers

On June 1st Instagram implemented a new platform policy for all 3rd party developers who use Instagram content in their tools and services. This includes us, Fanbooster. So what are the Instagram changes? Instagram wants more control over how other apps and services use their platform. Naturally, they want to ensure their ecosystem has high quality […]

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Working with Content Marketing in 2016

We’re at Content Marketing Performance conference in Oslo today, hearing great speakers such as Kristjan Mar Hauksson from SMFB Engine and Nina Hariede Larsen from DNB.

The main takeaway from this day is that content marketing is something you can’t ignore – but you have to choose how you want to work with it.

When starting to promote your […]

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How to sell 2000 football tickets to away supporters with Facebook Ads

Ullevaal Stadion is the Norwegian National Arena for football. They wanted to engage and encourage the away supporters to buy tickets for the friendly international game Norway-Sweden on June 8th 2015 – to make an extra welcoming atmosphere for the Swedish National Team.

Parties Involved

Ullevaal Arena – The national football arena in Norway. Subsidiary sales company […]

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Fanbooster Selected as Facebook Marketing Partner

We are proud to share that we are now officially a Facebook® Marketing Partner. Starting today, what was formerly known as the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program is now the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

Facebook has also done some restructuring to the program, to facilitate how marketers find partners based on their specific needs. In our […]

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A Guide to Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook has grown immensely as a platform and is now in 2nd place among the sites with the most traffic on the web. Just below, comes YouTube – the social video sharing platform.

Facebook is pushing on to be the leading provider of video this year, and advertisers have reported seeing an increase in reach when […]

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Facebook Marketing Dictionary

It can be hard to remember and understand all the different terms and nicknames one may use when working with Facebook Marketing. Have no fear – Fanbooster to the rescue! Here is all the things you may need to know the names of.

CTR – Click through rate
How many people who have seen your post did […]

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The Digital Marketer in 2015

During our daily morning coffee routine Alex challenged me on what working as a Facebook marketer will be like next year. I love challenges, so here goes! […]

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The perfect balance between engaging and selling on Facebook

By now brands are starting to realize that they can’t use their Facebook page as a pure advertising platform. They realize that they need to think long-term – and focus on building relationships as well. But what’s the perfect mix between your posts? […]

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Seth Godin thinks of you as a mushroom farmer

Seth Godin is one of our marketing heroes. He delivered an inspiring talk at Gulltaggen, and we had the honor of spending a little time with him backstage. Seth shares his thoughts on what marketers should and should NOT focus on, a little bit about how he works and how he thinks that technology sometimes […]

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