March will be blooming and blossoming with Inbox brand-new features 🌷

You know the saying: ‘Great minds think alike’. We can extend this to ‘Sometimes great teammates act alike in the Inbox module’ – and this might lead to some bumps. And by bumps, we mean that in the past it has happened for two or more team members to type and post response simultaneously on […]

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Facebook is forcing marketers to become better people – and we love it.

Facebook is rolling out changes to their algorithms when it comes to organic content posted by brands.
Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.
What does this mean to brands?
What this means, is that Facebook is no longer accepting content that is promotional in it’s tone or style for […]

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Facebook is changing the way your Pages look

Facebook is an “always changing” platform. It has to be, to stay relevant and maintain growth, usage and to keep innovating. Last week Facebook announced a redesign of the news feed, and this week they just announced a redesign of business Pages.


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Meet the new Creator

Last week I asked Vegard (the modest one of the Eggums) to write a blog post about the new Creator. How the journey until launch has been, what kind of updates it is worth talking about and how he felt after launching our biggest update yet.

Maybe it’s because he’s been working hard and long with […]

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