The Digital Marketer in 2015

During our daily morning coffee routine Alex challenged me on what working as a Facebook marketer will be like next year. I love challenges, so here goes!

Except for our awesome watches, glasses and phones – and that we still dress like hipsters and drink too much coffee. These are the things that will be the most important for a Facebook marketer in 2015.

Data – not opinions – will make decisions

We all love to share our opinions and half qualified guestimates on things. “That’s a funny post people totally will get”, “That’s a great picture because his head is slightly tilted to the right”, or “Orange is the right colour because the tram in the back of the picture is green.” Opinions have been the way we make decisions – but no more. By now we all have easy access to data we understand, and testing what actually converts is easier than ever. Of course creativity and going with your gut on some level is important, but you will now need data to make your case.
(Zuckerberg numbers quote would be good here)

Serve your community, don’t just entertain your audience

Click-baiting, fan gating and “tricking” people to do stuff for you is finally over. Quality and value trumps cheap marketing tricks. What’s left is great content that serves your customers and community – not necessarily what you want to talk about. It’s not about entertaining anymore, but actually making some kind of emotional impact.

No more counting likes and collecting people like stamps

It’s no longer a request from your boss to collect more people to sell to, but more about finding different types of audiences in your target groups and engaging them, serving them, helping them. The most important metric is of course conversions (as it always should have been), but conversions is something you have to earn. And you earn that by serving – over a long period of time.


So, my cup of coffee is empty. So now it’s your turn. What do you think the digital marketer of 2015 will focus on?

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