The perfect balance between engaging and selling on Facebook

By now brands are starting to realize that they can’t use their Facebook page as a pure advertising platform. They realize that they need to think long-term – and focus on building relationships as well. But what’s the perfect mix between your posts?

We at Fanbooster think that there’s really three objectives for a Facebook post.

1. Branding (get people to like and notice you)
2. Engagement (get the people who like you to love you)
3. Conversion (Convert the people that love you to customers)

It’s also important to point out that these objectives all have different metrics to measure effect by, but that’s for another post later.

But how do you find the perfect mix of these three? As always, you should test and tweak to find the perfect solution for what works for your brand and your audience – but we’ve analyzed thousands of pages and millions of posts, and here’s what we found was on average the best mix:

30% branding, 50% engagement and 20% conversion.

With each post fulfilling one of the objectives, not all three at once.

This will keep your conversion posts converting the most, while always adding more people from the top and down from like to love. We would also recommend to always do engagement posts before doing conversion posts – to get the best possible organic reach.

Please note. These are average and general numbers. There might be factors indicating you should create your own mix, for example focusing more on brand and/or engagement in certain periods. Please also take in consideration historical posts.

A page mainly based on conversion may have to focus more on building a stronger brand and engagement over time.