Thursday Marketing Tip – Fredrik Østbye, Fred, Ed & Heimly

Fredrik Østbye - Fred, Ed & Heimlye
Fredrik Østbye – Fred, Ed & Heimlye

Fredrik Østbye, of Fred, Ed & Heimly, has worked as a digital advisor and creative for more than a decade, and is an award winning copywriter. Fredrik shares the following Thursday Marketing Tip:

-Don’t settle on one idea. Ever! Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for updates in social media or you’re planning your next big campaign, don’t ever settle on one idea. To fall in love with an idea is like falling in love in real life. You become irrational, stupid and you ignore the rest of the world. In the world of creativity, it’s better to be a player. Dump your best idea and pretend it doesn’t exist. Create at least one more, to quality check your first. I do this even with simple updates for a Facebook page. It is more work and it feels like shit. But it’s always the right thing to do.