We are sorry

The last two days have been extra stressful here at Fanbooster, but we can’t even begin to imagine how stressful it must have been to you. As many of you have noticed, we are having some challenges. Our system has been down, and when we’ve gotten it back up it’s been loading really slow from time to time.

We owe you an explanation, but most of all we owe you an apology.

We are sorry. It’s our job to keep the system stable, and no matter what caused the problems the last 48 hours – it’s our fault. We are working hard, and will continue to work hard night and day 24/7 until everything is resolved.

So here’s what happened, and why we’re having the issues with our system.

  1. First of December, every marketer’s favorite day. Thousands of Christmas calendars launched all over Europe. We were prepared for a lot of traffic, but boy there was A LOT of traffic. You’ve all clearly done a great job marketing your calendars.
  2. Our host Rackspace experienced problems yesterday that caused major problems with our servers. Some of the servers went down, some just got the hiccups. All servers are now fixed, and we added additional servers.
  3. Some freshly updated widgets and features in the new system caused the system to hang with the major traffic load our servers experienced. They are now temporarily disabled and are being updated.

The system is now more or less back to normal. You may experience some delays and weird messages during the next few hours, as we are working really hard on optimizing everything.

How can you know this wont happen again? We are still passionate about giving you the best tool possible. This is what we live and breathe for. We done everything we can to make sure that this won’t happen again. We will continue to monitor, tweak and update until everything is as smooth as butter.

Again, we are truly sorry.

All your friends at Fanbooster