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7 Tips for Writing Client Instagram Captions that Convert + Examples

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With more than 25 million business accounts fighting for attention on Instagram, quality visuals are not enough. To convert users into customers, you’ll need compelling captions that stop scrollers in their tracks and entice them to learn more. 

While you may be used to writing captions for your personal accounts, writing for clients can be a bit more challenging.

To help you compose client Instagram captions like a pro, we’ll be going over:

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What is an Instagram caption?

An Instagram caption is the written text underneath the image or video that provides more context to the post. 


Captions are more than just an afterthought. There should be just as much effort put into the post description as the media itself. 

Good Instagram captions for clients should:

The goal is to stop Instagrammers from scrolling to drive awareness and engagement for the business. 

How to write good Instagram captions for clients

1. Know the target audience

2019 data from Pew Research Center found that 67% of Instagram users in the United States (U.S.) are between 18-29. That same research also found that 43% are women. 

This information helps you understand the overall U.S. market on the Instagram platform, but you still need to refine the data to understand your client’s target audience. 

Instagram offers analytics for Business Profiles that you can use to help tailor your marketing strategy with the client. This will ensure your captions resonate with current and potential customers. 

2. Study the brand voice and use a consistent tone

While the Instagram platform lends itself to a light-hearted tone, the client’s social copy should still reflect the brand’s personality. 


Stackla’s 2019 study on consumer and marketing perspectives found that 90% of consumers see authenticity as essential when determining brands they like and support. This number is up from 86% in 2017. 

Take this example from Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, for instance. The brand is fun and playful, which you can see in its Instagram captions. 

brand voice


Familiarize yourself with your client’s tone of voice to ensure a personalized approach, without sacrificing authenticity. Then, remain consistent. 

Each caption should sound like it’s coming from the brand itself.

3. Keep post length in mind

Instagram captions can be as long as 2,200 characters

The limit is impressive, considering platforms like Twitter only allow for 280. However, when writing for clients, less is more

After the first 125 characters, Instagram will truncate the text, and users will have to tap more to view the full description. So, it’s best to keep the copy to two-to-three lines. 

Pro Tip: For instances where longer copy is warranted, add space between lines of text to make the content easier to digest. 

4. Make sure the first sentence Is attention-grabbing

From 2019 to 2020, eMarketer found an increase of 13.8% in daily time spent on Instagram by adult users in the U.S. This equates to nearly 30 minutes a day on the platform — or more viewing time than both Snapchat and Facebook. 

attention grabbing

To get a piece of the attention-seeking pie and stop a user from scrolling past your content in that time frame, the first line of copy needs to be punchy. 

Think inverted pyramid style, where the most important information is at the beginning of the sentence. This way, the user has everything they need, without having to tap more.

A few ways to grab attention include:

5. Include a strong call-to-action

Good Instagram captions have a call-to-action (CTA) based on the marketing objective that helps drive conversions. 

A strong CTA uses action words and creates a sense of urgency to draw the Instagrammer in. 

For example, Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas directs users to the link in their bio to encourage bookings. 

strong CTA


Here are a few ways you can implement a strong CTA:

6. Add any branded and relevant hashtags

Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in one post; however, the recommended number for optimal engagement differs. 

2020 research by HubSpot found five-to-six hashtags to be the sweet spot — with engagement dipping after six. 

hashtag engagement

Unlike general descriptive hashtags, branded hashtags are unique searchable keywords directly relating to the client’s brand. It’s an essential marketing tactic to increase brand awareness, improve social listening, and easily track engagements. 

Branded hashtags can be for a specific campaign — like Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign — or the business as a whole.

share a coke

Killer captions will include a mix of branded and relevant hashtags that describe the content to make the post searchable on Instagram.

Two popular ways to add hashtags to Instagram posts are: in the caption itself or the comments section. 

7. Use a social media scheduling tool to plan out and edit content

Once you have your caption written, you’ll want to review and edit the text to ensure there are no spelling or grammar issues. 

Additionally, it’s easier to create quality content when you have time to put thought and effort behind it instead of on the fly. 

The easiest way to do both of these things is with social media scheduling software

Fanbooster by Traject allows you to plan, review, schedule, and publish content all in one place. You can even add a geolocation to your posts from within the software. 


Good captions for Instagram

Short Instagram captions like these tend to grab attention quickly. But it’s a good idea to customize your captions based on the time of year and your client’s brand voice. 

To help jumpstart your creative juices, we put together a complete list of good Instagram captions in each of these categories:

Use these as a base and implement the tips above to personalize the content for your clients.

Summer Instagram captions

When planning summer content, consider these captions:

Fall Instagram captions

Here are popular fall Instagram captions:

Christmas Instagram captions

For the holidays, take a look at these Christmas Instagram captions:

Sassy Instagram captions

For clients with a bolder tone of voice, explore these sassy captions:

Final Thoughts: How to write good Instagram captions for clients + examples

Good Instagram captions have the power to increase engagement, improve brand awareness, and drive website traffic for your clients. While the process may seem challenging at first, the tips above will ensure you’re writing captions that convert. 

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