Fanbooster Ads

when automation becomes your partner

Facebook advertising is likely to be the most cost-efficient way of doing marketing at the moment – with its low cost and advanced targeting.
The power you get with the most complex functionalities is now available to anyone, no matter what your budget looks like.

What you need

We select the most common, most effective, functionalities for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Then we transform them into our user-friendly environment where you will always be welcome. Voila – enjoy doing proper performance with stunning results, with a team to help you just a phone call away.

Save it for later

Save your advanced target groups. Save your preferences. Save your budget and allocations on your most common campaigns.
Then create your own SuperBoost-buttons with all your important tweaks already implemented. That’s efficient marketing.

Cruise Controls

IF something happens THEN fix it for me! We’ve added a bunch of scenarios and variations for you to use.
Combine this with Storm control in Inbox, and you can spend your spare time on what’s really important in life. This is your weekend-saver.


The most important numbers and information is always highlighted for you to make necessary actions and tweaks. Save a PDF on your latest Campaign, or download a csv with all your numbers and make your own diagrams.
We’ll be the first to admit that there are at least half as many wishes for reports as there are advertisers in the world… But send us a snap of the report of your dreams, and we’ll see what we can do 😉


Give us your feed, and we’ll push it to your customers. Not only dynamic ads, but other several neat options for automation is in place.
Get in touch if you want to know more 👉🏻 Yes, I want to know more!

In one place

We’ll enable you to do almost anything without leaving the safe space in Fanbooster. Mange pixels, custom audience, dynamic ads, reports and more – you should be covered. That being said – the Facebook universe is way too huge for us to cover. The good part is that when you need something special, we’ll guide you through the universe – just a phone call away.