Save time and make more money with a simple, yet powerful tool for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook advertising is likely to be the most cost-efficient way of doing marketing at the moment – with its low cost and advanced targeting. The challenge to many is getting actual results, which can be hard with many of the tools on the market. We’re here to help you, and make you the hero of your company.

The power you get with the most complex functionalities is now available to anyone, no matter what your budget looks like.

One-click promotion

Predefined ad-settings – easier than Facebook’s Boost Post button, but as advanced as Power Editor. If you’re in a larger organization, you can easily predefine a one-click setting for your content producers to use. This lets you be in control of all ads and promotions going through your Facebook advertising account. Perhaps you’re one of those content producers? Don’t go through the hassle of setting up audiences and bidding ever again. Define it once, and you’re ready to go!

Split testing

Save time when A/B testing, and let Fanbooster automatically split test your ads based on gender, age and location. This is valuable information to any marketer. By split testing on demographics, you can easily discover who’s engaging with your content, and turn off the ads that don’t convert into sales. Duplicate your landing page and drive traffic to different versions, hook up conversion tracking and optimize for sales. Sounds a little bit like science fiction, but it’s so 2016 with Fanbooster.

Conversion tracking

Create and manage your conversion pixels. This let’s you know which ads give you business and which don’t – and at what cost. This way you can focus on buying sales for your business. You can also hook these up to forms you build with Creator. Ever heard the saying that half the money you spend on advertising is wasted? No more.

Instagram Ads

Want to start advertising on Instagram? Great! All you need to get started is an Instagram account, and we’ll give you the same powerful tools that we offer for Facebook ads.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control lets you take the weekend off. Set up your Cruise Control settings, and your virtual ads-assistant will monitor your ads for you.

It’s designed to add a layer of semi-intelligence to your Facebook-ads. Normally, with Facebook Ads, the way to ensure the best results is a mix of letting Facebook do the work, and manually monitoring and adjusting the ads, so that you get the most value (clicks, views, conversions, and so on) for your ads budget. Done right you’ll get huge value from this tweaking, but it’s also really time consuming. With Fanbooster Cruise Control you’ll get that value, but without the time spent.

Reach your audience again, and again, and again.

Target people who have visited your website, or people who are on your email and phone lists. Subtract existing customers – and voilà! -you now have a great chance to re-activate people who already have a relationship with your brand. We’ve made the easiest solution to manage and create this type of remarketing campaigns, and build custom and lookalike audiences. That makes for really specific ad-targeting, and you avoid becoming an adhole. Read more here

Advanced targeting

Target on everything from postal codes, gender, age, interests, schools, hobbies, family status, number of kids, website visitors, email- or phone lists, politics, industries, field of study, and consumer behavior. If you can’t find your target audience here, you’ll never find it.