Advanced Facebook and Instagram
business intelligence simplified

We know that diving into statistics can be time-consuming and confusing. We strive to build tools that help you towards success and are easy to use. Our tools for Facebook analytics are easy to understand – so you can evaluate your efforts, and quickly take action based on what you learn.

How it works

We’ve organized Fanbooster so that key stats are always connected to the tools you work with. Key stats for organic posts will be where you actually set up the posts, and so on. In addition Fanbooster Insights gives you an in-depth look at your Facebook Page’s overall performance, while Fanboooster Compare lets you set up comparisons with your competitors’ Facebook pages. Keep reading for more on why this matters to you.

Facebook Page insights

Get the overview that you’ve always wanted with beautiful graphs you’ll actually understand. Compare positive vs. negative responses and likes vs. unlikes to ensure that your Facebook efforts are actually having a positive effect. Set your own date ranges for the stats, and even see which emojis people are responding with to your posts. And so much more.

Compare against competitors

See how you perform compared to your competitors. Take a look at what works for your competitors and replicate that in your own style. See when your competitors get more fans than you do, and compare the amount of posts that they publish compared to you. And do they get more engagement? It’s not just about competitors – set it up for brands and Facebook Pages that inspire you and – yes – get inspired.

Click statistics

See how your page is performing in terms of how many people you engage, how many people you reach as well as performance of each single Facebook post and ads on all levels (campaign, ad set- and ad-level). Click stats is perhaps the most underrated way to analyze your digital presence. Set up tests to see if Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your newsletter gets you the most clicks. And focus your time on what works.