Customer service simplified with Inbox

Fanbooster Inbox takes the best of two worlds – and gives you an unparalleled way of managing conversations on your Facebook page. Take control over comments and messages on Facebook, and assign tasks to colleagues. Fanbooster Inbox is a great social CRM tool with lots of automation to help secure your brand from trolls and storms. More details below.

Don’t mix business and pleasure

Inbox let’s you separate between your personal and professional Facebook. No more liking and updating as a Page, and posting client stuff from your own personal Facebook user. Our clients love this feature, which has lowered the margin of errors.


Assign comments and messages to your colleagues for effective management. Let the right questions go to the right people. You can also get a great overview on who’s answered what – and make sure no requests or messages are left unanswered.

Storm Control

Worried that you might face a social media crisis? Set Storm Control to kick in when activity reaches abnormal levels. Be it a spam attack, or just the occasional post that explodes in your newsfeed, Storm Control will let you know instantly, and lets you get to work on it. Or even auto-delete it for you.

Troll Control

Troll Control lets you filter out the trolls from your Facebook Page and Facebook ads. Rate users and define your own rules whenever they interact with your Facebook Page. Read more here.

Activity log

Get a complete overview over all activity on your pages. You can now see who did what and when. Super useful when dealing with customers.


To-do’s makes it simple to get an overview of your own and your colleagues’ tasks, – and make sure no message is left unanswered. Assign messages to your colleagues, or have them return the favour. Fanbooster – helping you keep your customers happy since 2010.

Search and filter

Search in old comments and filter based on history and engagement.

Blacklist unwanted words

Keep your Facebook Page and ads clean of hateful, racist, or generally out-of-place words. Get notifications whenever blacklisted words appear, or automatically hide them from your Facebook Page.

Auto answers

Set up automatic answers to messages sent to your Facebook Page. Typical answers are “Thanks for contacting us. We’ll get back to you shortly”. -A little nod that shows people that you appreciate their contacting you, and will do your utmost to help them, even though you’re busy right now.