same, same but very different

Finally, a CRM tool that helps you get in total control over comments and messages.
Save time and effort by utilizing automation and rules made to make your community management easy to handle.

It’s all there!

Facebook. Messenger. Instagram. All your ads. Multiple brands – multiple accounts. It’s all there if you want it to. In the same feed, in your own safe workspace – or divided into the different teams where they belong.

It’s not a comment – it’s a ticket

We’ve moved away from the normal thread-view, and separated every single item – whether it’s a post, message, comment or reply – as separate tickets. In the occasion where one out of hundreds of comments demands special care, you are in total control over that specific event.


Is it out of your hands? Do you need someone else to handle the ticket? Is your shift ending? It’s simple – just assign the ticket(s) to the appropriate person or team. Rest assured that it will be handled.


Did you suddenly get hundreds of comments without noticing? Constantly worried that rascals of a nitpicker will draw the sword of a new fight? Relax – all you need is to activate your Cruise Controls. We will notify you instantly if it happens. We’ll even automatically hide the nitpicker’s comment if you want us to 😉

Manage promotions

We love to hate them – but those “Comment/React to win” – contests may really hit the mark for your brands reach. Make sure to use our Snooze-function to avoid being overloaded with tickets while it1s on. And then – use our integrated Pick-a-winner to randomly or by given choice pick a winner fair and square.


No resources to do 24/7 community management? Fair enough – but activate the Auto-answer which will tell them that you’ll be back during opening hours. A comment loaded with foul language? We’ll remove it. Just tell us the words you want us to handle.


If your teammate is answering the ticket, you will know.
If your customer comes with additional info before you’ve finished your reply, you will know.
If your no.1 favorite brand ambassador makes any action on your Page, you will know.


What you are doing is important! Our Statistics gives you all the numbers and graphs you need to prove your effort. Exact time spent and number of tickets. Visualize the conversations, ratings and activities across brands, teams and persons. It’s your “Beacuse I’m worth it” – sheet!