Publisher. Create outstanding content.

Create content that makes your brand stand out. Effortless, with a full overview of all brands that you manage and complete control on your side. Collaborate with other brand managers and stakeholders and automate your publishing flow.


Fanbooster Publisher makes you feel at home designing your creatives, keeping drafts and online external reviews, and scheduling your organic content to Facebook and Instagram.


Team collaboration, online reviews and a clean overview will save you a ton of time. No more screenshots and mails to all involved in your brand digital management. Simply duplicate your post to as many variations as you want, change creatives and push a friendly review-link to anyone. You will be notified when you get a Go or No on the review.


Clear statistics give you the chance to compare, filter, and learn. Check your latest campaigns and see what your followers respond to before planning your next. Make yourself better by learning.


Post simultaneously to endless number of pages. One creative – video, link, image, carousel, you name it – to a hundred different locations with one click of a button. Now imagine automatically giving each of those posts a separate local touch.

We have entered our 10th year as a Fanbooster customer, and through the years created countless sales- and marketing activities using their platform. Their level of service and support is excellent.

Stig S. Johannssen SoMe Coordinator

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