Fanbooster Publisher tool

Get better control and save time with Publisher

We’ve worked hard to make it smoother, easier and faster to publish posts on your pages. Publisher does not only make it easy to post to your Facebook pages – but it does a few other awesome things as well:

Smarter Facebook-posting

Schedule posts to publish at the right time, and targeted to the right people. Got fans all over the world, but only want to speak with the Brits? Piece of cake with our organic targeting options.

Set goals

Set goals to align your posts with actual marketing goals. Get optimisation tips along the way from Fanbooster.

Duplicate for A/B testing

A/B testing with Facebook ads can get you so much better results. Work like the pro’s and duplicate your posts for split-testing. It all works with the flick of a button!

Better organisation

On Facebook, all your posts are listed in one feed. We introduce tags to publishing, so you can easily search through all your predefined categories and learn what works the best for you within each category. Want to know which holiday works best for you on Facebook? Tags will tell you.