Getting value with Christmas calendars on Facebook

The end objective of almost all marketing activities is getting people to buy your stuff.

Now that the days of super viral campaigns are almost “over”, you need to keep your objective in mind, and really structure your campaign around it. […]

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Fanbooster reborn

Four years ago we were born as an app creator, but as Facebook evolved, so did we. Clients have bigger needs, marketing is done differently, and consumers respond in another way. Today marks the beginning of a new era with the launch of yet another amazing module to our complete Facebook Marketing Platform. […]

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Create your own campaign sites with Fanbooster

Just before Christmas last year we released our biggest and proudest update as a free upgrade to all of our wonderful customers. The update was our new app creator. A powerful way to create advanced and powerful Facebook apps in a fast and easy way. Our customers loved it and have since then created thousands […]

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What’s on your mind? Our Publisher will help you get your message out!

We’re on a roll! Today we are continuing our rollout of new products within our Facebook Marketing Platform. This time we’ve worked hard to make it smoother, easier and faster to publish posts on your pages. We are proud to give you… drumrolls!
Publisher – by Fanbooster » Create, duplicate and tag your Facebook posts for a […]

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What’s a Facebook audience?

There’s a lot of buzz about Facebook audiences, custom-audiences and lookalike-audiences these days. But what is an audience? How does it work, and how can I get more business out of Facebook by using it? Keep on reading.
What is it?
An audience on Facebook is a list of people that you can reach through advertising with your […]

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