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From 16:9 to 9:16 – going vertical!

Making a vertical video when editing several clips together often ends up in a horizontal frame with to big ugly black blocks on each side. We know, we’ve done that. But we have learned and […]

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Work better together

Collaboration with posting, whether it’s supposed to be an organic post or an ad, is often necessary for teams. For instance big organisations that want their followers to get more familiar with what they’re doing […]

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The hidden powers of the Facebook pixel

Did you know that you can track people and their actions on your website using the Facebook pixel, even if that person isn’t logged into Facebook? Let me tell you more about that and more […]

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Thursday tip – are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas is upon us, and you should be almost done with your planning. But if you´re not, relax! There is still some time left. If you haven’t already prepared for Christmas, here’s my tip for […]

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Fanbooster Day 2016

Onsdag var endelig dagen her. Dagen vi har ventet på lenge – Fanbooster Day 2016! Den fjerde i rekken. Med nesten 200 påmeldte var alt duket for suksess. Og det ble det, så til de grader – om vi kan være så freidige!

Mest av alt takket være de fantastiske foredragsholderne! Nå har vi fått tid til å samle tankene etter Fanbooster Day. Og har lyst til å dele noen av våre tanker med dere :) 


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The best digital marketing news source – Greger Flak, NXT/A2N

Greger Flak is a performance specialist & partner at NXT/A2N. He’s also a speaker at Fanbooster Day, where he’ll take you on a nerdy – and super useful – journey in the beautiful symbiosis between Google and […]

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